Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The PUMPKINS Are Here!

It's a happy day when the pumpkin truck arrives from California farm country!

It comes FULL with hay bales and all sizes and colors of pumpkins which were ordered months in advance.

The pumpkins are lined up behind MSPA headquarters where Event Co-Ordinator Dale Dawson will oversee placement and design.

They are joined by pumpkin head scarecrows, a focal point of each display.

Real corn stalks add some texture to the scene.

And now for the finished sets. 
So Montrose!

The huge pumpkins are called ATLANTIC GIANTS and weigh 300-400 pounds!!!


We hope you enjoy our Fall vignettes! We invite you to 
and take Montrose pumpkin photos to share with your friends. Inside most of our one of a kind  stores the cozy Fall feeling continues.