Wednesday, December 19, 2018

This Is How We Holiday SHOP In Montrose

The MONTROSE SHOPPING PARK is such a happy and peaceful place to SHOP! There are so many one of a kind boutiques and cafes. We call it 

The idea is you discover new stores, make a few purchases, enjoy the beautiful holiday setting, and work up an appetite. Did you know TENMIMI has a LUNCH SPECIAL during the week? It's an amazing well priced meal with all kinds of extras. Chinese food is so appealing this time of year.

Just look at these windows beckoning you inside with holiday cheer! 

It's comforting among all the newness to see stores like FAYE'S  specializing in cozy nightgowns. Did you know actress Helen Mirren shopped here when she filmed the movie HITCHCOCK inside? Montrose has history & charm!

One of our most popular restaurants is THE BLACK COW CAFE, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have you tried their COCONUT CAKE and MEXICALI COFFEE? Just ask the locals!

The doors are OPEN! Come inside!

THE T ROOM is pouring holiday cheer! Christmas tea is a MUST to add to your Montrose shopping experience!

Is this a Christmas card? You would think so! Our horse drawn trolley rides are FREE! Our gift to you for shopping Montrose on the weekends during OLD TOWN CHRISTMAS. 

This is how Montrose makes you feel! Like dressing up in red and sporting matching Santa hats!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays!
THANK YOU for shopping and dining Montrose!
We are the real deal! Montrose IS the Merriest!